"What if you could make $40/hour or
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The secret to making a very comfortable living simply by shopping at your favorite stores & restaurants: Become a professional Mystery Shopper!

It's true. You can be paid $10 to $40 an hour - or more - as a professional mystery shopper simply to eat at your favorite restaurants, shop at your local mall and grocery store, watch a movie at your local theaters, or hundreds of other mystery shopping assignments... Plus you get everything you purchase for FREE!

Here's just a few of the types of mystery shopping assignments available:
Get paid $20-$40/hour to shop at department stores (and keep the items you purchase for free!)
Get paid $10-$50/hour to eat at fine restaurants (and of course the meals are free!)
Get paid $10-$40/hour to watch movies at theaters (and the movies are free!)
Get paid $10-$30/hour to shop at grocery stores (and the groceries are free!)
Get paid to go to amusement parks, golf at golf courses, and hundreds of other types of mystery shopping jobs!

Every year in the United States alone companies spend over 1.5 Billion Dollars on mystery shopping, to better understand their customers and refine their businesses. Mystery shopping has been around since the 1960's and today is a very legitimate and necessary part of doing business. Store owners and management need to know how to improve their businesses and better serve their customers. The very best way for businesses to find out exactly what they need to do to improve their customer service is to employ mystery shoppers to tell them exactly what the average customer experiences when shopping at their store. That's why mystery shopping is a 1.5 Billion Dollar business (and growing).

So what is a mystery shopper and what do they do?

A mystery shopper (also called a 'secret shopper') is someone who is hired to pose as a regular customer at a store or restaurant, so that they can report back what the average customer experience is for that establishment. The mystery shopper is given a specific assignment to shop at a specific store, reports on exactly happened when he or she visited the store, and is then paid for shopping (and usually gets to keep whatever he bought for free!). It's that simple.

In many ways, mystery shopping is the perfect job. Mystery shoppers can be virtually any age or gender. It's the perfect opportunity for stay at home moms, for example, but there are also of plenty of mystery shoppers who are men.

You decide when and if you work to fit whatever hours suit you best - you are never obligated to take any assignment and can pick and choose which mystery shopping assignments you like.

Here's an example of what it's like to be a mystery shopper:
Wall Street Journal, Online Edition June 9, 2004:

"Cheers," she said, hoisting a frosty Corona with lime. Tanned and relaxed after playing a few holes, she finished up the beer and ate a cheeseburger. The golf and burgers were all part of the job, as were the strict instructions from her boss to 'consume at least one alcoholic beverage." That was her afternoon. Her morning was spent dress shopping, cashing a check at a bank, and looking at new cars. In the evening she ate dinner with a friend at a, "nice Italian restaurant." Everything she did was a paid job. She made about $300 that day. "Can you believe they call this work?" she asked. And what does this shopper make on a monthly basis? According to The Wall Street Journal, "she made nearly $7,000" the month before the article was written, i.e. in May, 2004.

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So considering all of that...

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Our 45-Day Refund Policy
Updated as of April, 23, 2007, 12:00:00 PM PST.

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn a nice stream of extra income. That said, it isn't for everyone, and here at secretshoppingcenter.info we understand that. We offer a Refund, of the membership fee, to anyone who - within 45 days of first joining us - tries out our service and decides they don't want to continue.

We do ask that you give it a fair try. We have assembled over 240 mystery shopping companies in our database, and to be successful at this we strongly encourage members to register with as many of these companies as possible.

If you decide this line of work isn't for you, well that's fair enough. But if you haven't registered with any of the mystery shopping companies you haven't really given this business a fair chance.

We want to be very clear about our refund policy: to claim a Refund, of the membership fee, you must at least have registered with 20 of the top 30 paid market research companies in our database. We consider that the bare minimum you must do to give this business a fair try. All of these companies are free to join - we personally guarantee that none of the companies on our site are going to charge you a penny to join their company. If they do, report it to us and we'll take them off our site.

If you do register with 20 of the top 30 market research companies in our database, then you have done your part and given the business a fair try. If you then feel it isn't for you, we're happy to give a Refund, of the membership fee. Be sure to save copies of your welcome letters from all sites you join because you will need them for proof of joining to get a Refund, of the membership fee.

If you don't think you can be bothered to register with at least 20 market research companies, please DON'T join our site - it would only be a waste of time for you and a waste of money for us (it costs us to process your membership). If you're not motivated enough to do that, you aren't cut out for this business and we wish you well in other endeavors.

Anyone who joins and is not willing to register with at least 20 of companies out of our top 30 listed will NOT be eligible for a Refund, of the membership fee. In that case, secretshoppingcenter.info will only give a 50% refund, of the membership fee. Again, if registering for 20 different paid market research companies seems like too much work, we strongly encourage you not to join secretshoppingcenter.info.

Very few people who join secretshoppingcenter.info ever ask for a refund as our service is the best in our industry.

We are happy to give a refund, of the membership fee, but we expect you to do your part and register with at least 20 of the top 30 companies we have listed.

All memberships are subject to a $10 non-refundable processing fee.

If you need any assistance please feel free to contact Tom staff@secretshoppingcenter.info

*-Nevada Residence

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